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'Intelligentsia' can be traced back to 19th Century Russia, and today the term can be applied to any "educated stratum of society."

Cathiner II The Empress Catherine II A.P. Antropov.jpg

Statue of Peter I.jpg
The equestrian statue of Peter the Great was commissioned by Catherine in 1775. Created by French sculptor, Étienne Maurice Falconet, the statue took 14 years to complete. Peter's arm is outstretched toward the River Neva, and the horse tramples a…

Aleksey Antropov Portrait of Grand Duchess Catherine Alekseevna Future Empress Catherine II the Great 1760s.JPG


This image depicts Catherine in the full majesty of her coronation attire. Catherine was keenly aware of the power of images to help shape her public image, and so such portraits depict Catherine in the full force of her autocratic rule.



Future Tutor.jpg

1771 Mutiny.jpeg
Pushkin's account of the Iaik Mutiny in 1771

Journey from Saint Petersburg to Moscow.jpg



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