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Aleksey Antropov Portrait of Grand Duchess Catherine Alekseevna Future Empress Catherine II the Great 1760s.JPG


Catherine II in travel attire.jpg
Catherine depicted in the travel attire she wore for her 1787 journey from St. Petersburg to the Black Sea.

Grimm_Baron Friedrich Melchior von.jpg
Born 1723 in Regensburg, Germany; author and publicist; friend of Diderot and Rousseau; correspondent of Catherine II, Frederick II (Prussia), Stanislas Poniatowski (Poland); died 1807 in Gotha.

Grimm spent a year in St. Petersburg in Catherine's…

Felitsa by Derzhavin.doc
Ode to Catherine II by one of the great poets and statesmen of her reign.


Equestrian Portrait of Catherine the Great.jpg
Equestrian Portrait of Catherine the Great of Russia, Vigilius Ericksen, ca. 1764

C the Great, throne room.jpg
Photograph of the throne of Catherine the Great, with equestrian portrait behind.

Equestrian Portrait - Empress Elizabeth.jpg
Equestrian Portrait of Empress Elizabeth of Russia with a Black Servant, Georg Christoph Grooth, 1743

Bronze Horseman (1).jpg
Bronze statue of Peter the Great, commissioned by Catherine II, 1782

Marcus Aurelius.jpg
Bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius, 175 CE. In Rome, Italy.

Preobrazhensky Guard.jpg
Russian Preobrazhensky guard in the traditional green uniform, 1802-04.
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