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This sculpture, originating in Russia, was commissioned by Afonasii Isakov. The Virgin Mary, holding her son Jesus, receives the praise of the faithful as she sits with the angels in Paradise. "The image is framed by scenes corresponding to the…

Troitska monastery print.JPG
An engraving of the Troitsa Monastery of St. Sergius, Moscow, Russia.

“England [is] strongly jealous of the Trade which is carried on in Her country, she rarely engages herself in Treaties with other States and depends on no Laws but her own”.jpg

Future Tutor.jpg

“Open to all members of the decently dressed public.”.jpg

Labzina on Gardens.jpg

Prince Golitsyn's Gardens.jpg

Article of the Nakaz concerning religious toleration of Russian subjects.

Assumption Cathedral.jpg

The Bashkir Mosque in Ufa, constructed by the Orenburg Spiritual Muslim Assembly.
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